11-08-17 T-Rex at Oasis Centre

Friday 11th August 2017

Thank you T-Rex for a splendid afternoon at the Oasis Centre. You have now become an icon for Kingsley who’s only experiences of you and your brother dinosaurs has been through playing with tiny plastic figurines and sticking magnet ones on our fridge.

He first spotted you as we came down the glass left after we spent far too many hours at Fun City on the third floor. Down on ground level, in the middle of the mall’s atrium there you stood proud and roaring shielded from the throngs of preschoolers and pushy parents all holding their smartphones in the air, by a red velvet rope.

We approached the crowd, heard your roar and Kingsley was out of the pram in a flash. I parked the pram and the kiddo was right in front, ready to be the next ‘meet-and-greet photo op’ kid. Sure enough he is invited to step inside and ‘meet T-Rex!’

I managed to get you both albeit looking slightly bored after all the fuss died down.

Playing the captain of the tug boat at Fun City Oasis Centre

Both parties a little confused as to what face to give for the photographer