28-07-17 MOE

Friday 28th July 2017

I actually don’t remember the last time I took Kingsley to explore the Mall of the Emirates. Was it before Phuket? At any rate I decide its a fine idea for this afternoon’s destination because our fridge is empty and we both enjoy a Carrefour shopping experience as Kingsley can polish off a Haagen Daas vanilla bean ice cream while being pushed in his pram, and I can nibble on grapes while filling our basket with chicken and beef patties. Plus The Toy Store at MOE is akin to a kiddies crack den of toys. Hours spent in there buying nothing but trialing all the toys is time well spent.

Metro to MOE – waiting for our train at Financial Centre Station

We commute there of course…

On board the Metro in the ladies carriage

And once arrived at the MOE Kingsley insists on getting nude in order to dive into the mighty horse fountains…

Planning to jump into the MOE fountain

Literally getting undressed to dive in

He polished off a Haagen Daas vanilla bean ice cream plus a bag of fresh and warm chapatti as we scoot about. Once inside The Toy Store he hets frustrated with attempts at riding a skateboard (says its a stupid toy after falling off twice), hands me a soft cushiony red heart from the Build-a-Bear station, saying ‘I’d like to give you one heart mummà and one heart to Ba-bāh’. Of course I melt…

Building a Bear at The Toy Store