20-05-16 Sprinkling

Friday 20th May 2016
A few sprinkles of rain does not stop us from enjoying the chirren’s playground this afternoon especially after a mammoth three hour nap which I was very much part of. I knew that I would nap today from 4am when I was woken and keep awake by one lousy but very driven/thirsty mosquito. For hours early this morning my greatest concern was suffocating us with the toxic green anti-mozzie coil I was forced to burn. For the tenacious mosquito never left its vigil (next to our warm flesh/ around my ears).

This evening we are back at the playground this time with a bunch of youth who adore K and discard their own chat to play for an hour with him: chasing, swings, climbing. Finally I buy phone credit and call Thèa Marîna after mum gave me the guilts for not having done so earlier (height of rudeness not having called since today marks day 5 of my Greek odyssey). K seems very satisfied with twice daily park visits and simply RUNNING.

Today’s chat via email…

I am back in Dubai safe and sound.My mate ben Wiggins was the purser on the flight.It was great to see him after so long.I managed to have a few seats to myself and ben let me sit in business class for landing since we were parked at a remote stand.I took the bus into the terminal and breezed through customs there was know one there.Grab my bags and straight home to find all of the lovely notes all around.It was like an Easter egg hunt.There is no smell from K throwing up on the rug which is great.It sure does need a clean.In a few days it will be.Please email me your Greek phone number so that I can call you when I wake.Off to sleep now and let’s speak this arvo.

Much Love,Erroll.xxx
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On 19 May 2016, at 23:13, Alice Hartley <alice.tzannetis@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi darling!!
Love your summary of your training holiday. It’s what you have been dreaming of each year, and there is no way your Number One Cheerleader Aliki would ever let you forget that your body and mind and soul need to be tended to like the wild and rare flower that it is. I will always have you and K as greatest of my priorities. Not one person gets to be in front of you two.

It’s 10pm, and once again I have wifi that is for sure!! The coffee shop downstairs is a God send for me. I get to write you daily. Kingsley is a champ but lately he is a little out of control. He is rowdy and may need to be put into a nursery, or else he will self destruct. I would only consider nursery when I start work though.

Write when you are home xx

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On May 19, 2016, at 14:11, erroll hartley <eza112@hotmail.com> wrote:

It has been an amazing and exhilarating experience all thanks to my loving wife!In total I completed 14 private boxing sessions with the man chok chai and 14 classes at Unit 27.That is 28 hours of hardcore exercise.I am now in my room packing my bags and getting organised.Getting picked up in two hours.When I get home I will be sure to let you know that I have arrived.When I wake up I will of course go to the gym at emirates towers then eat something healthy most probably fruit and veggies.Saturday I go to Rome and I will be back on Sunday night.After that I will get the rug in our room and the rug in the lounge room cleaned,get a haircut,renew our liquor lisence since we have booze in our home,pay the DEWA bill,put money in the bank and then go the gym.Loving the photos they are awesome.I would very much love to see you in some too so I can perv on you.Phuket out.

Love always and thankyou very very much for my accomodation.xxxx😊
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