19-05-16 Lagonîssi

Thursday 19th May 2016
Another adventure today…this time in neighboring coastal village Lagonîssi, care of a life from Louisa mum to Fîvos, our neighbours across the hallway. Fîvos attends a nursery and Louisa raves about it, and I expressed my desire for Kingsley to attend a structured playgroup since he is coming to the age where he required stimulation and the right kind…plus I am too soft with him!! Immediately Louisa suggested she take us there today, at 2:30pm when she collects Fîvos. We are ready to check it out too!

So after our Toasties for breakfast, then morning play with some little girls and an egg for lunch, a lousy hour nap is followed by a welcome call from Sylvia, then we are strapped in safely for Lagonîssi a place I had not been for years. Here Kingsley mingled immediately and easily with the kidlets though Miss Sophia the owner did exclaim just how lively he is and that he will need ‘special attention’. At any rate there is no room for him now, but will be in June and July, as the local kids go on summer break. He proceeds to play for the next couple of hours with Miss Sophia’s son Thomas.

We now walk for hours, thankfully K is exhausted from playing at the nursery, so a mini Magnum is all that he desires and keeps great company while we walk through the mountain village finally hitting the kèndro Lagonnîssiou, turning right then one stud to the Saronic Gulf for swims. This time I have a towel!! Five bananas and three kiwi fruit down, hop onto the bus and we are deposited at Saronîtha’s platèa for a play at the park. This turn out to be disaster, as K is rowdy and destructive, and not much company other that for 4 year old Phillippas who seems a little delayed.

Greek picnic dinner tonight: mosharinô loukâniko, elîtses, paximáthia, yoghurt, banana, milk, shower (my first since arriving, that is four days!!!) then pass out.