Ch. 4: Dinner for Three

I think Erroll fell back in love with me the other night. I put it down to the sight of his wife barefoot, pregnant and cooking him up a tasty storm, non-stick fry pan in the one hand, a pack of Omega-3-enriched organic hen’s eggs in the other. On the menu? Eggs, of course…

Oeufs: f/3.5; 1/250sec; ISO-500

Oeufs: f/3.5; 1/250sec; ISO-500

All of a sudden this great desire to nourish those around me has overcome my usual dismissal of the culinary arts. While Erroll was away in London, I put my order in for a new fry pan (our used, battered one was ready for the recycling bin, a good four years it has worked its magic in our kitchen.)It was time to road test it…

And so, with great pride and sense of purpose did I yesterday evening present Erroll with 5 golden eggs cooked and seasoned to his liking. Rye toast soldiers I cut up, and a side of avocado completed the nutritious meal. Pregnancy becomes me!


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