Greece Summer ’18: Last Day of Academic Year

Friday 15th June 2018

Last day of academic year is upon us! Linus literally leaps out of the σχολικό ready for an afternoon with μπαμπά. Not with me though; I’m sleepy and go for a nap.

These two however make the most of our summer nights. Together they explore our grounds: check on the community garden; search for flowers; ride the elevator up to the 6th floor roof for panoramic views over Saronītha; eat bananas; drink organic goats milk; pee in the bushes; swim in the pool; grab a souvlaki at our taverna; hit the playground till late.

Tomorrow is Kingsley’s first school pagent. He’s been practicing his two-line ‘poem’ all week and the kids have an entire performance for us parents & grandparents come 6:30pm. Even JiaJia Dora arrives from Athens for the show!

But for now, late as it is at 9pm, its bedtime. Bedtime for the last day of the child’s academic year.