20-11-20 Kingsley: Lachie Playdate

Friday 20th November 2020

Best buddy Lachie is our charge today straight after school and almost till 8pm! The boys getting creative with geomagnetic tiles on the balcony and sharing Bulla icecreams with the babies off the kitchen.

From time to time Kingsley becomes bossy and stubborn, demanding and insolent toward kind Lachie exacting his own works view on his best buddy. Wanting his own way. I usually intervene because this isn’t the version of Kingsley which anyone should be subjected to. Lachie capitulates after a certain tousle handing over the geomagnetic piece Kingsley simply cannot live without. Its tedious to watch but a rite of passage I suppose.

Still the boys are as close as ever. I have them play basketball, strip off in the back yard then hose them down before Erroll takes them for jiu-jitsu, icecream then fish & chips.