02-06-17 Hall Pass

Friday 2nd June 2017

Mummà took an aqua aerobics class and Ba-Bāh took a Cross Fit session at Unit 27 today. Our commitment to fitness has begun well and truly (my third aqua aerobics class in a row) since we have chosen to gorge at the buffets morning and night while in Phuket.

Upset that I stacked the ‘wrong’ colours together

While each parent gets a hall pass for a child-free couple of hours to utilize our lazy muscles, Kingsley gets the run of the resort. Straight after breakfast the lads walk to Chong Noi kids club for non stop action with Miss Joy and Miss Belle. Meanwhile I’m bobbing up and down in the pool with whacky Chinese holiday makers. Today I’m at least paired up with a fellow mummy who can actually swim. Yesterday at aqua aerobics it was another story.

We actually left Kingsley with a nice Chinese family in the wading pool just to get this rare shot of us together

By 12:15 I relieve Erroll and he trots off to sweat it out at his favourite gym literally in the world: Unit 27. Kingsley’s right into play among the toys, jumping trampolines, ball pit, slide and movie theatre with numerous resort kids, even watches Storks with them till starvation wills his legs to actually leave the kids club and he follows me to Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch of ham pizza with a vanilla ice cream chaser.

Swims on his back all by himself: showing his swim skills off to the kind Chinese family

By 7pm Kingsley has swum in the rough Andaman Sea, tossed a water polo ball about the pool with a bunch of kids and played hide & seek with Ba-Bāh. Miss Waraporn is ready for her assignment at that time too: a three hour session of fun and entertainment which will allow Mummà and Ba-Bāha rare night out alone.

Yes my darling son: we’ve got your beloved baby sitter ‘teacher’ for the night. She takes you for walks to the Joy Zone where you play fuzzball and snooker, then orders you room service of plate of spaghetti with hot chippies on the side, gives you a manicure and paints your nails. You are inconsolable when Waraporn attempts to leave for the night.

Hall pass for Mummà and Ba-Bāh well worth the fuss you make Kingsley. We may even do it all over again tomorrow!