Kingsley: 15-1-14 Jiajia Dora

Guess who is coming to dinner tonight? Your Jiajia Dora, Kingsley, all the way from Sydney!

Here is the very first image taken of my mum with my son. I am weepy looking at it as I know mum is extraordinarily moved by King’s birth and incredibly sad for the passing of her husband – my dad Peter – after over 50 years together. Mum’s great fortitude it is my wish that Kingsley inherits. Dad’s generosity and selflessness I pray comes to him too.

I have every faith that Kingsley’s Jiajia shall over the coming three weeks, teach the boy love, tolerance, patience, and respect. I can see it already in her eyes…

Kingsley's beloved Jiajia Dora the day they first met

Kingsley’s beloved Jiajia Dora the day they first met

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