16-01-18 Luca & Mia & Aayan

Tuesday 16th January 2018

To my thoughtful Oma,

Funnily enough today when daddy went off to fly to Brussels I had my Belgian friends over – Luca & Mia. Their mumma Miss Laura has been Mummà’s friend since they met hair modelling. Look what we played with – the magnificent puppet bird you brought me from Holland years ago.

Thank you I have rediscovered it and love it xxx

The house was LOUD with three languages- English Greek & Italian…and us three kids understood everything.

Then at 4pm when we opened the front door to throw the rubbish we see this little fellow wanting to come play. Aayan our neighbour walks right in, Kingsley is beyond thrilled and welcomes his mate to a game of fuseball.

Kingsley’s the happiest! Keeps telling me how two friends visited him today – Luca AND Aayan. He feels very popular+!!