26-09-17 I’m With Super Mum

Tuesday 26th September 2017

Our afternoon is spent outdoors. We even hit the beach and take a paddle. Best of all is enjoying that warm water which streams out of the outdoor showers. How is it so warm? We don’t really care; the kiddo and I get clean after 2.5 hours of adventuring and playing.

Kingsley’s fresh top ‘I’m with Super Mum’ is a gift from Oma. He wore it to school today. And didn’t take it off till he was baking in the sun while I pushed him harder and harder, and he swung higher and higher on the swings.

Top off, school shoes flung up onto the old olive tree in our playground and the afterschool treats begin: a bottle of milk, four JiaJia Dora baked cookies, a banana, half an apple, then off to the Foūrno for a 50 cents kouloūri then top it all off with another banana. The super kid is bouncing off walls and we run all the way home from the beach. Super day for a super kiddo…