12-05-18 Sofitel The Palm: Rio’s Farewell

Saturday 12th May 2018

My farewell among friends at the Sofitel The Palm, by Rio:

How can you describe genuine friendship? I find it hard, but what I do know, is that my dear Alice Hartley embodies the word “friend”. This girl has been one of my ride or die chicks pretty much most of my expat life. Riding the waves & the highs and lows of this desert dwelling life with me. From the moment I set eyes on her poodle like mane at ladies night and heard her loud Aussie accent shriek ” Oh hi there, I’m Alice” I felt an instant connection….

She’s seen me get engaged, she’s celebrated my marriage and the birth of my baby boy with me, she’s heard me scream down the phone in hysterical tears during times of grief & heartache, she’s rejoiced at my successes and comforted me during my failures. She’s fed me delicious Greek food constantly 🤣….A consistant and persisant friend, the type to always call and ask after you. Because in her words “I CARE”. How rare is that folks? I mean really? In today’s world, it really is.

She’s my sister. My chosen family….I’ve grown to love her, her son, her mumma dora and her husband as if they were my blood.

Today I bid my precious bestie farewell as she departs Dubai and starts her new chapter back in her homeland Australia. I’m so, so excited and happy for her and her family….but with that, my heart also broke a little today. This is the downside of expat life folks.

Holding back my tears. Alice. I love you. You are special. And you are loved. Thank you for loving me and my family. See you in 2020 my friend…..and see you tommorow on social media…no distance will stop this friendship lasting a lifetime 🤣 xxxx