20-06-20 Kingsley: Cousin Goldie’s 1st Birthday

Saturday 20th June 2020

Our young man behaved splendidly throughout Goldie’s 1st birthday party. Kingsley’s a model citizen with his quiet respectful and thoughtful style of play at Aunty Mika’s house. Mind you he can kick, and kicks the balls straight over the fence a couple of times.

I don’t believe he eats anything at all during the party save for crisps (which raises my ire, and he knows it!) and a cupcake. But I really don’t mind considering his champion breakfast of two eggs and literally all of the schnitzels γιαγιά made last night. And anyway Tilly invites Kingsley to eat dinner with her at the table once all the guests leave the party. He gobbles up a banana and half a litre of milk just to buy time / hang with Tilly / not leave.

Tonight daddy goes to watch the Roosters game at Pam & Lars so lucky mumma gets to cuddle up with our big boy and read a book under the covers before he starts snoring.

Good night my number one.