06-08-20 Kingsley: Twin Double

Thursday 6th August 2020

5 years difference though no doubting these two are peas from the same pod. Love the outdoors, love sports, love balls especially knobby ones for easy grip.

While Keanu spends the day in winter sunshine today, Kingsley spends it at school learning subtraction. He’s doing sums each morning in Γιαγιά’s warm bedroom while drinking his milk and I’m fighting waking up.

Today Linus became visibly upset with me when I came to collect him after school. He wanted his dad. He wanted to be driven home by dad. He wanted to be picked up from the Pick Up Zone by dad and driven home. Almost started crying from disappointment, distress and being out of sorts. Didn’t he want μαμά any longer? I myself had to deal with my first born rejecting me wanting daddy and dismissing me at the gate.

A squeezy yoghurt and two bananas later plus a play at the Caltex reading the price of various petrols and he’s come good. A sour dough roll from Woolies and he’s back to being loving though doesn’t want me to sing in Greek at the top of my lungs as we walk home any longer.

Keanu aged 1.5 years Centennial Park


Kingsley aged 1.5 years Brunswick Heads