12-05-17 Routine

Friday 12th May 2017

JiaJia Dora wasn’t in our apartment when Kingsley woke at 6:50am. She was next door sensibly locked away from our very early riser, having slept there. There is no doubt he gets ample sleep because the child always wakes before the alarm and it is self-evident: Kingsley’s bouncing from the walls from the get-go and hungry for breakfast.

Today he enjoys an entire banana, a Pink Lady apple and a toasted piece of Greek crusty loaf. Before heading downstairs to be fetched by Mr. Mixăli we’ve read a book, played with cars, done some craft, he’s fed me my medicine and he went next door searching for his JiaJia whom once discovered, delights in presenting to me at home.

A full fortnight has passed without TV and without a doubt this small change to our household has contributed to Kingsley’s pleasant temper and improved mind. He concentrates on tasks (to a point understandably), appears extremely keen to help, aches to learn new things and generally is thriving in his routine.

That he’s in bed by 7-7:15pm reading a book and remains there (save for the odd wake-up due to snotty nose or thirty mouth or irritating cough) till 7am is to me revolutionary considering back in Dubai he was asleep any time from 9pm onward sometimes even at midnight.