17-05-20 Twins: Hula

Sunday 17th May 2020

As a strategic move we invite Lachie Shepherd to spend the day with Kingsley thus freeing up both Erroll and I to crack on with Council Clean up Pickup. Which means I have morning shift in clearing out under the house (daddy takes them for their AM walk) then its my turn to walk them in the PM.

But before we head out the babies get a chance of free play in the back yard while their big bro does crazy things with Lachie. Its their first time drawing with chalk (Keanu does scribbles well, but then eats the chalk!) and first time with the hula.

And now we know Elektra is a natural hula hoop girl. While Keanu shook the gate non stop head banger styles, Elektra the quiet achiever stands unassisted, grabs the hula and gives it a try.