24-01-19 Day 2

Both babies are now in NICU. I’m low and feeling feeble in my attempts to nourish either babies. Elektra just cannot control her blood glucose levels. I’m clearly not proving enough milk for her…so down she goes to level 1 Neonatal Care Unit. My only request: please put both babies together in same crib…which they did!

Today we enjoyed the company of our dearest friends: Elvira came to meet the babies, ended up staying with me at NICU, change Keanu’s bum, meet Louise MacDonald and even help me boob Elektra (which the neonatal nurses didn’t take kindly to).

Zennia came with magnificent Peter Alexander maternitywear which I changed into immediately. She heard the nurses give me stern warnings over the importance of bowel movements post C-section and drinking too much water (its a bad thing). She cuddled the babies in NICU.

Next mum and Marlen came! Mum is radiant, adores immediately our raven-haired Princess of Argos taking Elektra immediately in her arms…