12-05-20 Twins: Covid-19 Visit Restrictions Eased

Tuesday 12th May 2020

As soon as the NSW Premier eased Covid-19 restrictions plans were put in place to visit our friends Maria & Gavino in East Denistone, a place Erroll has never been and I used to commute to with Kingsley long ago.

Now Kingsley’s in school and we take the babies. So excited they both sleep getting there and am utterly thrilled to report they nap driving home. Two synchronised naps: unheard of in our household. Ever!

When we arrive Elektra has only that second woken so she is super clingy to her dad whereas Keanu spots toys and plays by himself with great gusto building blocks all over the floor. And on the floor he stays not bothered by us, our girl Elektra unable to cope with the intrusion of these strangers into her consciousness!

She warms to Maria quickly and before long Elektra’s mouth is open for delicious morsels of date scones (from me) and savoury scones (from Erroll’s plate).

Kids wear the gifts Min’s kids gave us in September: Bambi so beautiful and those elbow patches on Keanu’s sweater is something else.