01-12-16 Erroll’s Birthday Nashville to Orlando

Thursday 1st December 2016

Erroll turns 38!

Having celebrated Erroll’s birthday among extended family last night in a whacky and noisy way Mexican styles, today it’s all about bidding that very family adieu for today we leave them for the fourth time as a married couple, and head south to tropical Florida.

Granna won’t leave for work till Kingsley wakes up; Paw-Paw allows Kingsley to press the button to open the garage door; the swingset and playground get used for the last time this trip; I insist on final photos in the yard the sun is so bright and the sky so blue. By 1oam we are en route to see Kingsley’s Great Granma: Granma Bonnie and Uncle Bill have us over for tea, pumpkin pie and surprise us all with a hamper of baked goods to take with us.

At this stage of life – one week out of turning three, Kingsley has become a boob monster. He can’t get enough, and will not quit pestering me for it. We are now at a point where he pulls my tops down. But the upside is that the magic boob puts him to sleep in a moment. Hence passing out for a power nap en route to the airport. It was here that father, son and grandson faewelled one another with a reunion on the cards most definitely in 2017…

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