25-09-16 Day with Nathan

Sunday 25th September 2016

Our day began with Katya coming to our apartment for good mornings, then us all meeting Kym and Nathan downstairs in the foyer of the Hotel Colbert for a walk into the village and the usual French breakfast of croissants and coffee/tea. Symptoms of stressed out motherhood strike when Kingsley won’t sit still at the cafe and I get cranky when he once again runs toward the street. Am threatening him these days with a spell away from the fun – strapped in his buggy. This seems to be working well, so we regroup at the charming outdoor table among friends and play hand games once Kingsley calms dine and promises to chill next to Natan…


Breakfast in the village of Sceaux

Kym and I next take our boys for endless rides on the carousel, both of them swapping their choice of ride whenever the music stopped. But by far Kingsley’s favourite was the motorbike…


Rides on the carousel at le jardin de la menagerie

We managed but a half hour at the children’s playground before rain forced us home but not before Kingsley pooed his pants and I was obliged to wash him with bottled spring water there and then, behind a huge old tree. All four of us caught a bus back to Kym’s for lunch and a snooze.