Sneaking into The Palace for Swims

Thursday 17th March 2016

How outrageous can I get? Today I decided to go for expat gold by sneaking into one of my favourite Dubai properties to swim in its azure pool, beneath the Burj Khalifa. I actually didn’t set out this morning to wangle my confident ass into The Palace Hotel Downtown, but by 3pm  Kingsley and I were strutting down to the toddler pool, plonking on a nearby sunbed, stripping off to bathing suits and with the sure-footedness of genuine hotel guests, diving right in.

We did attract the attention of the lifeguard whose job is to sign in the pool guests. But I handled our presence well enough for him to retreat back to his post next to the towels, and to have one of the wait staff bring us refreshing wedges of watermelon to quench our thirst after our swim. I kid you not.

Kingsley the cute kidlet was immediately befriended by curly-haired Sama. She dunked him under the water non stop and even hurled him into the pool from its edge. The boy drank plenty of water however remained enthusiastic about being taught by an older girl/child just how to hold his breath when almost drowning.

Before heading out to meet Vicki our Scotish mate

Before heading out to meet Vicki our Scotish mate