18-03-19 Twins: Cate Visits

Monday 18th March 2019

Most of the day you two sleep. Keanu much more than Elektra. And that’s a good thing because you had me up three tines during the hours of midnight and 7am.
1:30am then 3:30am then 5:30. Each time I’m up for at least an hour. We’re up for the day at 7 but by 8 I hit a major, unbeatable wall…and falling into bed with one of the twins is all i can do. Its Keanu under my wing till 10am. Elektra well cared for by JiaJia who (it just came to me) fed Keanu while both of you scream in starvation. Now I remember! That was the hellish 3:30am wake up.

This afternoon you’re both in good Spirits (considering just how much You’ve Slept And Boobed) for Cate’s visit. She cuddles a crying Elektra and sends her off to the land of nod. Keanu is all the while being rocked by Jiajia. At 7 weeks of age You’ve Both fattened up and have found Your Voices which you Don’t Hesitate in Using to Let me Know That You’re cranky.