20-09-19 Twins: By Ourselves

Friday 20th September 2019

While big bro Kingsley is at school all attention is on the twins. Daddy spends quality time with Keanu taking him for the school run drive while Elektra is with me. Both nap for 3 hours. A first! But only because all three scamps took far too long to fall asleep last night. First to snore Kingsley then Keanu then the fiery Elektra whom I took with me. The two boys slept together.

Twins get spoilt today with two sets of visitors. Firstly Jodie & Roy our Dubai famiky friends bearing gifts: onesies, squeaky toys, first blocks, rusks, you name it. Elektra sleeps through that visit but Keanu does us all the favour of waking in good spirits.

Next Scott pops over who has both babies dancing on their bums. Sitting up (assisted) they squeal and open their mouths like birds for food. Today its avocado banana yoghurt chicken veges. Ratbags refused to nap crying and distresses if I leave the room. So put Keanu in his bath and deal with Elektra then the cries of torture hit my ears: its Keanu somehow undoes the pump bottke of Palmolive soap…and smears it in eyes and mouth! Poor kid! Took a while to stop soap bubbles coming out of his mouth. He subsequently passes out from all the action of the day.

Its now 7:30pm and both are still sleeping…