15-09-19 Kingsley: Frank

Sunday 15th September 2019

Daddy goes to work early so its us four off to Swim School walking up hills huffing and puffing you not so subtly letting me know μπαμπά drives us to κολυμβητήριο…that walking is making your legs tired. Me too! But its sunny and Spring has sprung.

Your strokes are fantastic. Freestyle you’re getting the hang of. I’m so impressed I take video then allow you to play for ages with other little tadpoles dive bombing the pool.

Today every body is impressed with you  From the swim coach to Kassandra whom you hug and kiss, to Maria our neighbour whose dogs you feed 2kg of  bacon then bring a bowl of water. She loves you so much that you’re off to walk the puppers at the park then paint at her place and eat Mexican for lunch.

By evening Νονά whisks you away for your first nasi goreng take away. Its a hit! Strolling through the streets of Botany with Frank after his wash is your favourite thing to reward your politeness and good manners Νονά takes you to Officeworks to buy you whatever you want. Your choice is a snazzy folding pencil case.

By 8pm you’re still out with Νονά pretending politely to enjoy your dinner of Nasi Goreng though in reality its causing pain to swallow it. At 8:30pm Daddy carries you into your bedroom asleep over his shoulders.