31-01-18 Oz Day 10

Wednesday 31st January 2018

While I got to spend a few hours with one of my dearest – Yvette – you my little Kingsley behaved impeccably while out at Bondi Junction. You hugged and kissed Yvette upon seeing her thrn took her hand as we traveled up escalator after escalator to get to the free soft play area on Level 5. Into the bouncy pirate ship you climbed dissapearing among the kiddies leaving Yvette and I to drink tea for a good hour I might add.

Soon enough though our bubble of hsppt delusion is burst. A suspiciously thin mother with a pursed mouth came up to us to ‘let you know’ that ‘your son is playing rough’ and that ‘you might like to pull him up about it…’. I of course suggested to her daughter that ‘you might want to kung-fu anyone who is rough with you.’ I even recommended that she tell the boys to ‘back off or else I’ll kung-fu you.’ Yvette loved it. The creepily skinny mother didn’t; she hurried away dragging her thin daughter in her wake. We resumed our tea watched you merrily skip off into the pirate ship for some further fun among the kiddies…