15-11-16 Flying back to Dubai

Tuesday 15th November 2016

Boo to the end of our Grecian holiday. We are already planning our 2017 sojourn to the Aegean as I sweep, mop and disinfect the apartment, clear out the fridge and pack our suitcases. At 1pm our driver Tonia will arrive and drive us away from beloved Saronîda onto Eleftherios Venezélios Airport for our four hour ten minute flight bound for Dubai.


Athens Airport-how we navigate Duty Free without breakages due to little hands

A true Greek Mumma I have morphed into it seems, for my hand luggage contains two hard boiled eggs, a portion of steamed salmon, crunchy Greek paximáthia, various pieces of fruit as well as slices of barley bread…all for Kingsley lest he feels hungry on our journey. In fact once Tonia deposits us at the airport my mission is to handfeed tthe child at every opportunity (no one enjoys listening to a grizzly child moaning for chocolate). The three bananas I insist we three finish as we stop periodically through Duty Free significantly lighten my load.


The moment after we three eat our bananas and before rolling on to Gate A12

With Mumma Dora comfortable in her aisle seat, I am at Kingsley’s mercy: for the first hour after seat belts signs are switched off he runs. Up and down. Through both cabins. Let himself drop from exhaustion I figure; then I’ll make good use of the comfortable cotton business class pillow I swiped before take off. And a splendidly predicted, the kiddo does pass out…for two entire hours! That leaves the final hour for entertainment, which comes in the form of learning how to spit into the light of sunset (gross) while seated and watching shows on the idiot box…


Discovering spit (eugh) on board

Quirky child has just one hangup about flying, and that is to do a wee in the washbasin; the violently flushing loo is daemonic in his eyes, to be strictly avoided, in fact I am to sit on it while he makes his ablutions while he holds his Willy in lest he sprays the loo door. Dear me. Still, nappies are kept clean and dry so no complaints from me. I am actually happy these days of toilet training. Those hazy days of international travel with an infant and his endless stinking nappies are behind us well and truly. I even enjoy the odd moment watching David Attenborough documentaries while flying these days.