19-08-20 Twins: Meeting Fotini

Wednesday 19th August 2020

A rare treat for us all: while daddy is overseeing our IKEA wardrobe being assembled, and Kingsley’s walked to school just he and I, we three then catch the 374  bound for Haymarket to meet school friend Fotini whom I’ve not seen for 30 years. We stroll together down to Timbalong Park and let the babies roam free for two wondrous hours. Free range babies exploring and safely corralled in the encampment while us adults eat and catch up.

The babies are remarkably chirpy and affectionate toward Fotini approaching her and pointing tiny fat fingers toward rides or a fallen drink bottle. They want walnuts and since they’ve been chewing on the smallest morsels over the past week, they enjoy some here with us.

After hours on rides, in the sun, chasing seagulls, running away from ugly bin chickens they do not utter a peep when its time to go. Into the buggy, bottles in mouths and off we go to meet Erroll and see the wardrobe that was installed.