15-05-19 Kingsley: The Fall

Wednesday 15th May 2019

After Greek language class you’re out of sorts. Wanting to go home with Alex (and his γιαγιά) you turn on the water works. I figure emotions are high because you don’t eat your lunch even though this week Miss Panousis asked KP kids to remind you to EAT.

I manage to calm you for one minute but then something lures you back into the Greek classroom and I’ve lost you to the colour and movement of fellow students. Threats follow suit. You reluctantly slink out and we head toward the After Care playground. Isaac calls you: ‘Kingsley! Hi Kingsley!’ Isaac whom we have a cupcake the other day wants you to play. Its the sacred and mysterious ‘after care’ and you’re up there in a shot.

Leo calls out your name too. My son is beloved and popular I think. Happiest of mums I become that second. Out comes Elektra from her pram,straight on the boob she goes, which means Kingsley gets to play for the very first time at After Care. He’s beside himself.

Naturally there are tears when I mention home time. Used to it by now. But what I can’t get used to is Linus bullying me into handing over the buggy so that he can ‘stroll’ whichever baby is laying inside. If only he strolled. As usual he wrestles from me the handle bars, I screech ‘put the securuty bracelet on your wrist!!’ He’s off. I’m trotting / cantering by his side nervous of cars or the pram toppling over.

Well the moment I take my eyes off him the bloody pram topples over. Outside of the Caltex! I’m in shock…and then Elektra begins howling. All I can do is dig for her buried under blankets and groceries the poor shucked baby. A man runs from across the street to help salvage the bsby and my grapes.

And off we go again bound for home Kingsley taken aback and quiet for 4 minutes…till he starts up again: ‘I want to push my sister; please mum!!!’