12-11-17 Flying to Dubai

Sunday 12th November 2017

We wake to a phone call from Erroll – he and JiaJia Dora are safely in Dubai. Dora is already cooking. I assure Erroll that we’ve enough food in the house to last us two more days so don’t be fretting about getting us seats back home. With that I get a feeling he’ll find us seats for this afternoon so go into a cleaning blitz: entire apartment is sanitized while the child gets fed whilst watching Nickelodeon show after dreadful show. I wash load after load of sheets. The aim of course is to have this home away from home ready for our arrival come 1st June 2018 – how exciting!

Toss up whether to take Linus on an excursion to Vougliagmeni but the instant he spots a bunch of his pals in the playground any talk of mine regarding catching a bus anywhere this afternoon is met with his protests. He wants playground and friends, now. And its here we stay among friends of his drawing on the ground with chalk, eating boiled chicken from the tupperware, and to digest, a game of soccer. Two and a half solid hours of play we go home, throw our clothes in the one bag, clean out the fridge and meet our driver Giorgio for the cab ride to the airport.

We’ve got the last two seats on the window, before the galley. On take off he looks out the window and actually farewells Greece (…adieu, Ellada…). Here he is the seasoned traveller, bound for Dubai…