Day 2: Feb 17 Acupuncture

Wednesday 17th 2016

A day off from acupuncture! Weeeee!

According to Dr. Laing, my schedule calls for alternate days for visits to her clinic. That means I get to enjoy today without having to take the metro to Healthcare City for that half hour laying on a massage table pricked with needles, being urged to ‘just relax now and close your eyes…’

Of course a day off does not mean I can also ditch the bitter Chinese herbs she prescribed for my ‘condition’. Oh no; morning and night, a half hour after food, I get to the kitchen and very reluctantly begin the process of preparing the potions. Just looking at them makes me gag…but once they touch my tongue, oh God…pure, distilled wretchedness. Eughhhh…

Down the hatch goes the medicinal beverage. My eyes water, Erroll laughs, I then crack up too, shaking my head now in an attempt to throw off the alarming taste. I swear, it would be funny were it not so bloody gross!! Thank goodness for alternate days of acupuncture; I just am not sure I could cope with daily jabs, needles, pills, potions and herbs.

At least these two clowns are having a right giggle…