02-09-19 Twins: Home Day

Monday 2nd September 2019

All day at home with mumma recovering from yesterday’s insanely loud and wild Fathers Day party (where Keanu missed his naps and was inconsolable & Elektra wanted to stay up to party all night). So today we remain in doors and I ensure you both eat and rest so well that you have smiles on your faces all day.

Newsworthy: for first time Keanu slept through from 9 till 7:30am (8am by the time I got to him just babbling softly to himself in γιαγια’ς big bed). Meanwhile Elektra gets me up for boob only once (oe is that twice, I can’t remember).

Fathers day gift for daddy: 3 hours to himself for a jog & a swim

Another news item: Keanu ate an entire scrambled egg for dinner, and a bowl of Greek yoghurt. Always room for milk he gets his bottle and passes out to lullubies.

Erroll gets his jog and swim while I stay home with the babies fussing over them: breakfast lunch and dinner so much fun and messy. Avocado, banana, yoghurt, chicken pasta and veg, eggs. And a new sensation: kiwi fruit for Elektra. Its a hit.

Trying on all of Litsa’s gifts