36 Weeks: Veins

Who needs GPS navigation when they’ve got a ready-made country road map embedded in their abdomen? Oh look! If we follow the veins from my ribs to my belly button, we shall get to the Seahorse’s cocoon…

Veins and blood flow. At 36 weeks along, 9th November 2013

Veins and blood flow. At 36 weeks along, 9th November 2013

When I first encountered these veins I was equal measures intrigued and horrified. What if they remain there, just under my skin, visible to the world, when Seahorse pops out? Would they miraculously disappear, just as they had appeared in the second trimester? Or would their removal require months of massage, skin hydration and endless sessions at the gym, post partum?

Once I understood that these veins represented the nutritional network for our unborn bebe, siphoning vital blood and nutrients to the Seahorse’s growing support system, I could not get enough of looking at them. I even began spotting them in my hands and feet as this pregnancy progressed. Why are they everywhere? Its because my blood volume is pumping up to 40% and my veins are keeping up with the flow.

The big blue superhighway of love. Drink it up. Its coming at you, darling one!

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