14-08-18 Autrans Day 1

Tuesday 14th August 2018

Our commute into the Rhőne-Alpes from Lyon’s 6th Arrondissiment is glorious, short and easy. From le Boulevarde des Belges we catch the C1 bus to Gare Lyon, eat hot chippies and bread, then the ALPES TER to Grenoble followed by a tram to its very last stop La Fontaine-Pouy…where Kym awaits us!

All I see around us in La Fontaine are massifs: mountains of such sheer magnitude that surround the town 360 degrees. Its all a superior deep green almost emerald, pine trees high up…and Kym tells us we’re traveling ‘up there’.

The road to Autrans is steep; never have I traveled into the Alpes by car and my ears pop. Kingsley takes a wee three quarters up and the magical views of a mountainous 5,600 foot elevation blows me away. Kingsley is delirious from travel, wants to fall asleep but once we arrive its play play play with Natan. Lilly is smitten and the three get along perfectly.