Italy, Lake Como

Ahh…when in Rome. Well during this trip its when at Lake Como.

Como, you make me fall in love with life all over again. During the mild northern Autumn of 2013 I travelled, heavily pregnant though brimful of energy, to Milano and Lake Como. In my mind I was determine to explore this part of the romantic world before I became busy with a bebe, and no doctor was going to stand in my way. So with medical fit-to-fly certificate in hand, I took to the skies – a mere 7 hours from Dubai – to the splendor that is Lombardy, Italy.

Lake Como Northern Autumn 2013

Lake Como Northern Autumn 2013

Lake Como is of glacial origin with an area of 146 square kilometres, making it the third largest lake in Italy, after Lakes Garda and Maggiore. An hour’s train ride delivered my Milano-based friend Kathy, and I to Como. The instant we linked arms and meandered the cobbled streets there was talk of the dashing George Clooney being in town. Indeed a water plane was hovering above head. Was it locals? was it tourists?? All we heard from the streets was “ooh, George must be coming home…”

But celeb-spotting aside, Como is known for jaw-dropping natural beauty, elegant old villas and palaces , and the scenic towns surrounding the lake…

Milano Como 065a

Lake Como Northern Autumn

Talk about history; Como oozes it. The lake is well known for the attractive villas that have been built there since Roman times, when Pliny the Younger built the Comedia and the Tragedia resorts back when he was alive (61-112AD). Fancy that, this lawyer, author, and magistrate of Ancient Rome was witnesses to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on August 24, 79 AD.

Within the walled city of Como lies San Fedele dating from 1120

Within the walled city of Como lies San Fedele dating from 1120

And what is Italy without its handsome share of Catholic churches and cathedrals? At each turn of our heels, we came face to face with Como’s distinguished places of worship, the most venerable being the Duomo di Como, designed by Lorenzo degli Spazzi, its Gothic façade and the renaissance apses being built in 1396.

The spirit of God, and a generous helping of gelato, was definitely on our side during this trip to Lake Como.

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