18-05-20 Twins: Leopard

Monday 18th May 2020

Mumma has new leggings thanks to Aunty Mika so we take them for a spin. To Bondi with daddy then 7 hours later daddy picks us up again bound for home.

But its not all fun and walking adventures for us three. You see neither child naps mid morning (well, Elektra takes a 10 minute power nap in the car as we drive to The Junction then wakes the instant Erroll puts her in the stroller) which makes the sfternoon meltdowns and hysteria heartbreaking for me. Especially Keanu; he can’t cope with lack of sleep and doesn’t know what to do other than sob. Elektra fell asleep and stayed asleep for a good while in the arvo so much so that I turned back to Bondi once we walked all the way to Queens Park as they napped.

But the inevitable happens: Keanu wakes and can’t get himself to sleep again. I’m a nervous wreck wishing with all my might that Elektra does not wake from his fussing. I go bonkers trying to fill bottles with milk in the streets while shushing and turning on YouTube to find soothing ambient music.

Night time at home borders on chaos: Elektra won’t sleep with me, insisting to kiss me a thousand times then roll around the bed as cats do finding their special spot. Erroll puts Keanu to bed after I pop him in a sleep suit (then pray he doesn’t wake up during the night. WHO AM I KIDDING).