30-12-17 La Mer

Saturday 30th December 2017

Favourite part of the week is when Kingsley gets to spend time with his Layla & Wyzie. Today we – Camilla, Erroll and I along with the kids – discover La Mer the new beachside precinct at Jumeira 1.

Jumiera 1 next to the Dubai Marine Resort and across the road from Spinneys. Its where I used to walk while Kingsley was still in nappies and not yet walking. An hour it would take us, then an hour to get home. The beach was just that little bit grotty back then. Now its a glamorous place filled with cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, trampolines, children’s playgrounds, even a giant blow-up castle.

The three kiddos went wild for the blow-up unicorn Camilla and I blew up. It easily took the weight of the three of them though groaned when one of us adults sat on it. Ha ha. For hours we all frolicked in the Arabian Gulf then to our delight Erroll took all three kids off to the jumping castle leaving Camilla and I child-free, for the first time!

Such a fantastic day that we vowed to reunite on New Years Day.