36 Weeks: Pregnant Mamma

I have developed a new found and profound respect for heavily pregnant mamma(ls), some of which endure gestation for 14 months (camels), 460 days (rhinos and giraffes), walruses (16 months) and elephants (2 entire years). What endurance. WHAT PATIENCE!

Despite the marathon-like fortitude that has unfolded during my own pregnancy – adding to date 18 kilos on a small frame gives the terms ‘shifting your centre of gravity’ new meaning, let me tell you), let alone this ever growing inability to sleep peacefully and for long stretches any longer, – I have come to realize that we humanoids really do need every minute of our own 40 weeks to prepare mentally and emotionally for the task of motherhood.

How she-walruses manage when pregnant - now I know. Seahorse at 36 weeks gestation.

How she-walruses manage when pregnant – now I know. Seahorse at 36 weeks gestation.

Will I be like a she-walrus once Seahorse arrives?

Cows are very protective of their young. They even go so far as to separate them from the other walruses to form nursery herds with other mothers. Cows nurse their calves for up to two years depending on whether they get pregnant again the following year. Cows often give their young rides on their backs even though calves can usually swim after just one month. Isn’t that darling!

Mamma walrus and her calf

Mamma walrus and her calf

Now I have a distinct feeling that seahorse shall come out a large bonny bebe, since the latest measurements (just this week) indicate a weight of nearly 3kg already. Will I be able to forebear the pain??!! Well this is a sneeze if I only look to walrus calves who pop out not as dainty wee little bundles at birth. They weigh between 45 kg-75 kg. JUST IMAGINE!

Pregnant mammas making babies all over this Earth, my deepest respects to you I convey.

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