Ramadan Haze

Tuesday 28th June 2016

We are smack bang in the middle of Ramadan and there is only more heat, haze and thirsty come. It’s the first time that I have ventured out to the Dubai Mall with Kingsley (and walked home) since arriving back from Greece. And I am glad we did so because I wondered how on earth we would cope without drinking water on our journey and what it would feel like wearing black leggings to ‘cover up’ as required during the Holy Month.

With a bit of gloating I can report that neither of us fried from the glaring sun, nor fainted from thirst or hunger. The black tights even somehow provided a barrier between burning rays and bare flesh, which of course made the walk home bearable. Who would have thought?

Of course babies and toddlers are exempt from fasting during Ramadan, so Kingsley still got his water bottle and while at the Mall I discreetly fed him beef lasagne. Even though I was tempted to eat yoghurt there after our grocery shop, its just not worth insulting the locals if they were to catch me with a mouth full of goodness. Fancy being caught in the act of indulging while the starving millions prostrate themselves before Allah. No way.

But the day was not without incident: We stopped for this photo in the sonic heat (stupid idea) and the usual ‘just sit still for one more photo, Kingsley!!’ came out of my mouth as I put on my BIG TOOTHY PHOTO SMILE when BAM! He socks me in the mouth. I couldn’t even apply ice cubes to my lips lest I got tempted to sip a bit of H2O…


Greetings, Earthlings! This planet is sizzling today.


Kingsley king punches his Mumaa.