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Lighting Above

If you are, like me, a frequent traveller, then it is more likely that you have observed how hotels and resorts set up their lighting fixtures. Lobby and Reception Areas act like a strong (or weak) handshake, giving first impressions to guests. The … Continue reading

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Oman – Part III – Sifawi Boutique Hotel

When thoroughly modern and hard-working ladies wish to take a break from the humdrum of paid employment, decisions must be made and consensus reached as to where said break shall be taken. No easy feat for many, but for some, … Continue reading

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Oman – Part II – Sifawi Boutique Hotel

Here’s a tale of four frazzled ex-pat ladies, hailing from Australia and Scotland, residing in Dubai, and desperate for a getaway. Destination? The Sifawi Boutique Hotel, along the coast of Oman, a mere 60km drive (or watertaxi! Take your pick!) southeast of … Continue reading

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