15-03-20 Kingsley: Free Day Sunday

Sunday 15th March 2020

Today is the first day in forever we haven’t had an organized activity to ferry you to. Nothing at all. In fact the level of relaxation for us all is through the roof. Firstly because you and I get to lay in bed cuddling this morning with no anxiety about waking early to feed you. Secondly because whatever you feel like doing is okay by both mumma and daddy.

Do you feel like taking Γιαγιά to church? Yes! Off you drive bound for Taylor Square. Do you feel like riding your bike? Sure! Off you go down to Doggy Park. Fancy the library as it rains? Here we are reading books quietly. Need a new basketball? Into Rebel Sports Bondi you go to buy one. Need some fresh white socks for school? Rebel Sports Randwick in you go. How about opening up some birthday pressies we’ve neen hoarding from 3 months ago? Finally, you exclaim!

Jesse, Sonny, Chloe & Aidan buy you great things. And by nightfall all you feel like doing is hopping into bed, completing maths and English tasks, reading Ripley’s Believe it or Not, looking ar ghoulish pictures then asking me to scratch your back till we both pass out.