04-07-18 Thinking Chair

Wednesday 4th July 2018

Happy 4th of July to Kingsley’s family in the United States! Friend Lena sent me this and it sent shivers down my spine…

Made me think alot.

Speaking of thinking, today Miss Xrisoūla had the misfortune of telling me that she ordered Δωρόθεος onto the Thinking Chair for calling his class mates Μαλάκες. It shocked her so much hearing this ugly word so much so that she wanted him to immediately associate it with punishment and reflection. So off he went to think it through them return to the class and apologize to his mates.

Upon thinking about it myself I do recall recently of an incident which must’ve sparked this word-retention. Kingsley and I strolling along looking at nature, feeding the community cats, picking flowers when all of a sudden from the rear we hear mature (20-something) male voices all hollering at one another ‘ρέ Μαλάκα…’ They went on and on with the same bloody ‘greeting’. It obviously made a deep impression on the child.

Explaining all this to Miss Xrisoūla we agreed to keep our wits about us.

Geez; little man’s brain (and sacred language) tainted already…