03-07-17 Alien Patrol

Monday 3rd July 2017

No complaints from this mummà: Kingsley’s up at 10:30am!! This is not a typo! He attempted to wake earlier than this (6? 7? 8?) but I was having none of it. With a stern voice he’s told to turn over and go to sleep. Couldn’t believe it when he finally woke with ‘my tummy is grumbling; I’m hungry…’ The kitchen clock read 10:30. What a champ.

By noon we’re meeting with Miss Min and Haarleen. Kingsley’s always excited for a Haarleen date and today’s venue is the terribly loud and brightly coloured FunCity. Its Funday Monday today so most rides are only 1 Dirham. Kingsley discovers what will soon become an obsession for him: a ride on which he steers a patrol car and catches aliens. First ride on it he’s intruiged with the sensation of hands on a steering wheel actually manoevering the car in the screen in front on him. Next go on it he’s getting the hang of smashing into the blobby green aliens and winning a STAR. Third go Kingsley’s yelling for the next go. Bloody ride only goes for one minute. He has 24 goes on it with Haarleen riding shotgun and me feeding both of them bananas.

Delirious the kids bid each other farewell till next Tuesday, our next date. We Hartleys take the metro straight to Rolex Tower for swims, showers and then home. Its eggs for dinner and we’re both passed out by 9pm.