27-04-20 Kingsley: An Hour Together

Monday 27th April 2020

Seems ridiculous that it is noteworthy that we should spend an hour together, but it is just that: worthy of note because I miss out adventuresome spirit and team like approach to life. Kingsley, gone are those long beautiful days in which we’d rise together, eat, pray, plan and execute our day without a care about to impede our way.

Now we’ve babies and obligations, housework and feeding schedules, siblings who must we walked for hours on end and very little time for just us.

But today I ensured we had an hour together doing exactly what suits us best: going on an adventure. We found rocks, cliffs and various flocks of birds willing to be fed and chased. We ran about the Coogee headland, pretending we’re deep in the forest, fantasising about the time of the dinosaurs. Then I had to do a wee and that snapped us back to reality. Off we went searching for a loo.

We found daddy and the babies. And on the grass we began races. Skipping, leaping, heel to toe and running. All three of us while the babies clapped and cheered from their buggy.