13-06-17 Ayaan & Ruth

Tuesday 13th June 2017

Due to the extreme weather conditions we don’t leave the house till 5pm though Kingsley is definitely not bored; we’ve got next door neighbour Ayaan over for an hour before we go fetch Ruth from Rolex Tower.

Waiting patiently inside Rolex Tower for Miss May to bring Ruth from Hummingbird

For a good while we could hear screeching and banging, yelling and stomping coming from next door. Ayaan was on a rampage (usual) for being bored stuck with his 1 year old brother and Kingsley wanted company. So we ask Ayaan over and with great enthusiasm his mum hands him over.

At Casa Hartley we pretend cool, build castles, have a picnic and share muffins. I note Ayaan brings over some ulluminated, spinning fiddle gadget those with Autism are using these days. It is promptly set aside and away from Kingsley. Its the last thing Kingsley should be playing with, I am certain. Little hands unencumbered by gadgets the boys begin playing just like riotous little boys should; the place becomes a bomb within minutes.

On our steaming balcony for the 3 minutes it took to take a group selfie

Ayaan home safely (together with his strange contraption) Kingsley and I set off to collect Ruth for two hours of fun. We remain outdoors mostly now that we’ve established a cute routine: kids go mental running happily together like there will never be another moment like this; both decide they must do tsīsa immediately so we find a shady tree and drop our undies; next they run to our corner store and inside, away from the fasting Ramadan Muslims, the kids slurp away at a London Dairy vanilla ice cream; cooled off we race to our new community park not yet open to the public; under the hoarding we scamper and here we play for ages till both kids declare it too hot and we all slink home for a bath.