06-06-16 Fig Tree Hunting

Monday 6th June 2016

Breezy cool weather just ideal for long walks along the coast heading north, looking for that fig tree, which Kingsley spots easily now and wonders out loud whether the figs are ripe enough to eat yet. We pick two deep purple coloured ones – still too firm to the touch for eating – and have a look inside. Definitely not yet ripe enough. July-August -September is their season and from memory, I thrived on them for three summers in a row.

We stop by a pretty cove for our swim. Kingsley chose the place, and a family of three German-Greeks become friendly with us. The gramps digs ditches then buries delighted Kingsley’s legs in sand, non stop. Stupid me forgets our water, fruit & sandwiches in the freezer so I can’t help Kingsley when he calls for ‘neráki’. Our new friends give him a bottle, and we are on our way to the perîptero for a pagotáki.

The day is really divine: we spend an hour filling a waterbottle with pebbles, then dashing them all out again. By the evening, we’ve both taken a couple of hours nap time and are out at the playground, me hyper vigilant lest Kingsley runs out of the park, or terrorizes another child; his usual rogue behaviour of late…