12-03-17 Rockit Science Junior for the Day

Sunday 12th March 2017

Excitement for us all! Kingsley won a competition and it is today that he gets to experience the prize. He will be a little scientist for the day with the unique and inspired Rockit Science Juniors team here in Dubai.

Here is how the champion’s day panned out: stuff the child with egg, toast and milk before traveling via metro and cab to Cheeky Monkeys at Barsha Mall; register Kingsley for his ‘Day as a Professor of Dinosaurs’ while he runs into the life size play house in a deranged manner; watch him excitedly choose whether he plays now at the blocks station, or participate in the organized activities and arts & crafts station or throw himself into the padded softplay area or go nuts on the trampoline.

Soon though ‘class’ was called and Kingsley transformed immediately into the model student (much to my relief). His Professor teachers gave instruction on what a fossil is, the various dinosaurs and how to identify them, what dinosaur nests and eggs look like, how to unearth and retrieve fossils in an archaeological dig and what a volcano does (explode with flowing lava!). Throughout the day, Nicola the lead Professor read books and directed the learning. Us parents participated but mainly we took photos and videos of our delighted children.

After class Kingsley was in no way ready to go home so we stayed on a Cheeky Monkeys till way past 3 PM. During this time he made a little friend (Yara) and shared her hot chips and tomato sauce. I would later buy them popcorn and they shared a craft table where they painted together like old pals. Very reluctantly and with the lure of ice cream and chocolate Kingsley agreed to leave for home reminding me all the way to the Mall of the Emirates that he gets ‘chocolate now‘.

Learning about the Tyrannosaurus Rex

The two Professors instructing the little archaeologists before their dig

Professor Nicola assisting the Science Juniors on how to dig for dinosaur bones

Learning about dinosaur nests

Cracking open a dinosaur egg

Early success with the dino-egg: a baby T-Rex inside

Sharing hot chippies with Yara