31-05-18 Urchins

Thursday 31st May 2018

The final day of spring. Its a hot afternoon. My hair is chopped short and Dorotheos has been collected from the school bus by JiaJia who treats him to a grocery shop (his favourite, go figure) then a feed. You can find us by 5pm in the Saronic Gulf swimming, then hosing off outdoors, enjoying an iconic view overlooking islands …and collecting sea urchins.

A first for the kiddo, but among new little friends Nadia and Ilias Dorotheos finds courage to nab his greatest achievement – his first sea urchin. As you can imagine from this first come many others poor long suffering creatures that they are, and dragging him home come 7 is near impossible.

But home he comes bearing the great news to his JiaJia about his adventures on the rocks and in tidal pools even alarming her with tales of how he launched himself from the provlìta (pontoon) and into the sea.