25-09-20 Kingsley: End of Term with Victor

Friday 25th September 2020

So exciting for both Kingsley and us: no pick up again today! For Kingsley will celebrate end of Term 3 with a Playdate at Victor’s house leaving Erroll and I to enjoy the fruits of our day.

But before then we bake. Kingsley insists we bake for Miss Sanzari and “the 22 kids in class”. What shall we bake darking I ask. Κουλουράκια cookies! So open a packet of choc chip Betty Crocker cookies avd over a 4 egg omelet (which I feed him) Kingsley meticulously prepares the dough and rolls the cookies.

I sent a message to the 1S Parents:

1S parents good morning end of term 3! Kingsley insisted we bake cookies for class today and Miss Sanzari. It was pandemonium with the 3 kids but we did it!

Erroll contacted Adele who was really pleased that we’d bring in end of term cookies. Only 4 ingredients eggs flour butter and choc chips. It looks a mess but its all Kingsley’s work.

The card & treat is on behalf of her students.