20-10-19 Twins: Greek Family Visit

Sunday 20th October 2019

The Greeks descend upon Saronida to pay the babies a visit. Aunties, uncles, cousins, second cousins. I’m a whizz creating a pleasant living space when they all pop over. Kingsley is as bored /jealous as any 5 year old would be when gaggles of visitors literally fawn over his siblings leaving Kingsley as an after though. Its a pity he doesn’t remember the five full years he was number one on the fawn list. Five entire years!

Today its only Kingsley who swims with his dad. I’m at the beach in the late afternoon with Elektra who wears her red bikini bottom but I’m not prepared to raise Θεία Μαρίνα ire by taking the baby into the sea; not when her cough is loud avd her snot flows. So Elektra is passed about arms the entire beach holding her, and then Keanu with his dad arrives. More cuddles and more coughs so no swims for our Apollo either.