24-09-20 Twins: IKEA Again

Thursday 24th September 2020

I’ve lost count how many times we’ve visited Ikea. After a revitalising nap in the car the babies are reintroduced to the endless lane ways of the Tempe megastore first Elektra who’s woken before Keanu whom we leave sleep in the car. In we go to return pots, buy picture frames, book assembly guys for our new wardrobe and have a look around waitingffor Keanu to wake.

He won’t stay in the double pram these days, climbing out of his seat and even while walking manages to hop out. Its his favourite things to do get out and walk along side of the pram Elektra amused at her brother a face as if thinking “why on earth is Keanu walking when he could be pushed about in this comfortable sedan, like me.”